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The 4th Regiment (South Regiment) had uniforms similar to the British army and Board of Ordnance of the day and conformed to the 1768 and later warrants issued. In re-creating the 4th we use the private's infantry (red) and artillery (blue) regimental uniforms. There is only part of a Jersey Militia uniform surviving from the period, as far as we know, and this is a Jersey Militia Officers jacket. This was discovered and identified by a former Director of the National Army Museum, W. Y. Carman. It resides in the Musee de Emperi, Salon du Provence, France. It has large, flat buttons with SW 4 for South Regiment or 4th. The pictures below are the copyright of Mr Nick Le Cornu who has kindly given his permission for them to be used
From an original orders book 1779-1781 of the 5th (South-West) regiment, which is held in the Jersey Archive, comes a listing of a shipment of equipment and uniforms from the British Government. This was delivered by the the vessel "Jersey" on June 3rd 1780. There are several mentions of requests for such supplies from the local authorities to the UK government. These are held in records at the Public Record Office in London. This shipment was to be shared between all the Jersey Militia so we can be fairly certain that if the 5th got theirs, then the other regiments would have had their share as well.
Jersey Militia Officer’s Jacket c.1781 with close ups of collar and cuffs.