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This page is to remember those who have made a significant contribution to The 1781 Jersey Militia.  We have sadly lost three members during the last 14 months.
GUNNER GARY SOWDEN 1957 - 4 March 2013  Past Secretary of The Jersey Muzzleloaders & Antique Firearms Association  and Secretary in 2000 when he assisted in arrangements to visit Elizabeth  Castle for the first time.  Gary was a good man and enjoyed his muzzleloading shooting as much as the Militia until his diabetese became worse and prevented him from continuing his hobbies. Our thoughts are with his wife, Carrie, and son, Michael.
Roger was our Sergeant since the Group’s inception.  It was Roger who ensured the 1764 drill was instilled in us all.  He was a re-enactor in his youth so it was a natural progression to the 18th century.  In true character he gave meticulous instructions for his funeral, including instructions for the militia salute and firing of the cannon.  He will be greatly missed by his fellow militiamen and on the range with the muzzleloaders at Crabbe.  Our sympathies to his wife, Mary, and son and daughter, Robert and Katrina
GUNNER VAUGHAN THOMAS 1948-Nov 2011  Vaughan was a member of the 1781 Jersey Militia and the Jersey Muzzle Loaders &  Antique Firearms Association. He enjoyed muzzle loading shotgun and he was one of the first to come along to Elizabeth Castle in 2000, borrowing his wife,  Sue's, Dorothy Perkins 'redcoat'.  He was invaluable at 21 gun salute events as he  was the man counting the shots. At his funeral the Militia turned out in good numbers to give him a "Guard of Honour"  as his coffin was driven by and a musket volley as he was taken into the Crematorium.   Our friend, Vaughan, will be sadly missed.
1956 - 19 Jan 2013