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4th Regiment, 2nd Battalion (St Lawrence Battalion)
We are looking for recruits
This page will tell you who we are, what we do and when we do it.  How to join us and who you can contact for more information.
Who are we? The Jersey Muzzleloaders & Antique Firearms Association living history section recreates the 4th Regiment, 2nd Battalion (St Lawrence) which comprised men of the West of St. Helier and St. Lawrence.  The group today consists of Infantry (Red coats), Artillery (Blue coats) and Militia wives and children.   The group was formed in 2000.  The Artillery detachment of up to eight cannon forms the centre of the unit. We have taken our dating and title from the Battle of Jersey which occurred on  the 6th January 1781.  The French landed at La Rocque and proceeded into St.Helier.  The Battle took place in the Royal Square which at that time was the market place (Le Vier Marchi).  The 95th Regiment led the assault on the French supported by the 83rd Regiment and units of the Jersey Militia, including the St. Lawrence Battalion which carried its regimental colours into action on the day, the only British militia unit to do so at that time. What it costs: It depends what you want to do and how good you want your clothing and equipment to be while still conforming accurately to the period.  At some venues 18th century (1781) clothing is available to borrow.  But you would be expected to supply your own in due course. We have the services of a tailor, or patterns to make your own, with help if you wish to make your own.  A full artillery (blue) or redcoat uniform is £350.00.  The musket, belts etc are extra.  However you are not expected to buy all your gear at once and some second hand gear is available.  The ladies' clothing to date has been home made and the costs are about £150.  Ready to wear dress can be bought and the group can provide contacts.   There is an annual club subscription. Who to contact and how to join You will receive more information and a free invitation to try living history at one or more of our events without obligation.  You will have an opportunity to join the relaxed, friendly and fun filled atmosphere of the past and just see if you like it. Just contact the address below: Webmaster: dpdorgan@newtelsurf.com