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235th Anniversary of The Battle of Jersey January 2016 Grouville, Royal Square and the Town Hall
Each year has it’s own special atmosphere and this year was no exception. The Constable of Grouville, John Le Maistre, joined us once again in commemorating the fallen at La Rocque beside the monument in Grouville Churchyard.  The Revd. Mike Lange-Smith took a short service and Terry Underwood gave a narration of occurances in 1781. The weather forecast was intermittant rain and luckily whilst outside the rain kept off.  Everyone then repaired to the Church to partake of croissants and beverages kindly provided by the ladies of Grouville Church. We joined the walkers and Frank Falle at Colomberie and marched with them to the Town Hall.  The walkers this year followed the trail of Baron de Rullecourt from La Rocque.  An excellent lunch was provided by the Town Hall team, organised by Jane Skelhorn, and the day finished with music and singing with Jersey’s folk group, Badlabecques.  
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