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The Jersey Muzzleloaders & Antique Firearms Association or The Jersey Branch of the MLAGB was formed in 1972.  The Branch shoots all disciplines from 25metre pistol, 50metre, 100 yards on its own range at Crabbe, St. Mary.  It also has a living history section depicting the 1781 Jersey Militia.  In addition, the Branch shoots on the main range, also at Crabbe, St. Mary, several times a year back to 600 metres.   For details of meetings please contact the Secretary.  Visiting MLAGB members are always welcome.



George and Vaughan, Mike, and Vaughan



Pete, Dave and Mike


The Mid Range boys

and below is a map where the range is located and a picture of how close to the sea, on the North coast, we are                    





E-mail Secretary: Adrian Le Brocq <>