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Battle of Jersey, The Death of Major Pearson              John Singleton Copley 1781                                                                           Oil on Canvas                                                                                  © Tate, London 2003/Tate Online                                                               Follow this link to The TATE GALLERY, London, to discover the history of the painting                                                                               and to view other 18th century paintings at the Tate.
The Jersey Muzzloaders & Antique Firearms Association living history section recreates the 4th Regiment, 2nd Battalion (St Lawrence) which comprised men of the West of St. Helier and St. Lawrence.  The unit was formed in 2000 and received its uniforms in early 2001.  The Artillery  detachment of six cannon forms the centre of the unit.  We have taken our date and title from the Battle of Jersey which occurred on 6th January 1781.  The French landed at La Rocque on the East coast of the Island and proceeded into the town of St. Helier.  The Battle took place in the Royal Square which at that time was the market place (Le Vier Marchi).  The 78th and the 95th Regiments led the assault on the French supported by the 83rd Regiment and units of the Jersey  Militia including the St. Lawrence Battalion which carried its regimental colours into action on the day.  The Battle was short and victory went to the British.